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My name is Jon, I’m looking for a server that is hiring Dispatchers, Preferably Serious-RP Servers, I have experience with Dispatch from a few servers, and other games, I have real experience in Comms, with real Communication Level II Certification for Radios.


Hi Jonathan Mckay I am a Recruiter over at State of San Andreas Emergency Roleplay We are Right now looking to hire Dispatchers Full And Part time Please Check us out at www.Sosaerp.com

And thank you for your time.


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Hello Jon!
We’re looking for more dispatchers at Arizona Life Roleplay. Feel free to check us out on our forum post.



hello Jonathan McKay i m J.Kremers one of the owners of Project Justice Roleplay.
We are currently hiring dispatchers and are still looking for a dispatch director.
We have about 65 Members and are still growing in a steady pace, when we hit 100 Members our server is going full whitelisted wich creates even more realistic roleplay, if you are interested our discord will be below.

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Discord Invite : https://discord.me/page/projectjusticeroleplay2018

I Hope to see you soon.

Project Justice Roleplay 2018