Discord invite


How do I get a invite back to discord?


Have someone send you an invite link…


Here but, if you got kicked for some reason then you’ll probably get kicked again…


yeah it expired, I did get kicked but I asked for forgiveness and I got no reply, I am sorry and would like to be more apart of the community by being in the discord.


If the one I sent has expired, then you have been banned from the discord. They wouldn’t ban you without good reason and, since I’m not at a computer, I can’t see said reason (nor can I unban you).

Contact the dev team via email at pr@fivem.net and ask them if you can be unbanned from the discord server. Again, since I can’t see the reason behind the ban I can’t guarantee that they will unban you.


You don’t need an invite link. There is a button on the homepage to get on the Discord.