Discord Developer Looking for a large server to help!


Hey, I’m Harvey and this is my post. I am submitting a post to alert all fairly big servers that I am about. I can make discord servers very detailed and can help out a Lot. I have made/helped out a Lot with discord servers and believe it or not actually generally bring new members. I am 100% desicated to every piece of work I finalize and will never let any one down. I am struggling to think of a way I can prove I am not going to scam you and your discord. This is just a case of trust and that’s what Jesus wants us to do. The reason I am looking for a fairly populated server is because I could get noticed more and when I get noticed people will remember me as being helpful and talented at customizing discord servers. In no part of my work will I be benefiting myself and I ask for no financial income. I will be very reasonable and will profit your server in the best way possible. The things that I can so are:
-Add bits to the server (Very good bots that you can customize)
-I can add custom roles and only grant them with perms from you.
-I can add custom channels that only the owner’s and administrators can comment in if perfected.
-I can make channels that only Higher ups can even see
-I can also do a Lot more (not including because the list would be to long)

If you are interested in contacting me for further questions or to hire me DM me on discord using:


Thank you for taking your time to view this and hopefully I will be working for you in the future!



Hello. Are you still offering this service for small servers? I am in need of some help with my Discord server



If you would like to collaborate