Discord Button in Server Info Page



Adding an optional discord button to the Server Info Page could be really useful when it comes to finding a server discord.
Example below:


+1 I don’t think that it would be that hard. Just add it to the server config. But I don’t know much about coding so yeah.


Not everyone uses discord to communicate and also you can just advertise your discord in your server name. Just my opinion.


What’d be next - adding buttons for ‘website’, ‘twitter’, ‘instagram’, etc.?

You can add custom values that’ll be displayed using sets, just do that - no need for built-in support.


To be honest, I think it would be pretty cool to have buttons to redirect to webpages.

Maybe we could have a config var (ex: “link”) be used like this:

       Title       Link
link "Discord" "discord.gg"

That way the user themselves can have any kind of “buttons” they want.