[Discontinued] Semi-Diverse Chat Commands



Chat Commands

I’ve been looking for a pack that has all the chat commands in one place…still looking. I gave up so I made it myself. This chat command pack has everything from /me to dispatch to facebook. Some of the things in the pack are original ideas but some are generic. Have fun with this! I will be adding more with time!

/dispatch (Dispatch)
/tweet (Twitter)
/facebook (Facebook)
/ad (Advert)
/page (Fire) By Phrozen
/preset (Custom Message - Configurable)
/stop - (Says “Stop rp”)

V 1.0 (Release)
V 1.1 Added fire pager and changed commands.
V 1.2 Added preset command. Shows custom message (Credit to Faxes for some of the code)
V 1.3 Fixed string error and added /stop command.


cliffedev_chat.rar (1.2 KB)

Add swedish å ä ö
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Does this chat commend comes with this features where If i type /twt it show it here


No sir. I’m working on it at the moment but I’m having issues. Will have it out ASAP!


Cant wait…


@SamCliffe here’s a fire pager command to add to your script
Fire Pager.rar (580 Bytes)


Thanks man! I just added it in the script.


So about the…


I’m having some trouble with it. I will get back to you when I figure it out.


This should do the trick.

TriggerEvent(‘chat:addSuggestion’, '/do, ‘Example: /do Gives driver license to officer.’)

Just replace the first /do into the command you would like to suggest. And replace the message to your liking.


I fixed the string error where you would do /tweet and the first letter wouldn’t show up.


I think this could be perfect if proximity was added in to the mix, right now the /do messages and /me would be global.


I’ll look into it. Thanks for the input!


Didn’t work so deleted the download


I’m looking for help with that the twitter shows my steam name, not the registered character name on my server. Is there any fix for that?


Not sure. I’ll look into it


Error parsing script server.lua in resource cliffedev_chat: server.lua:86: unexpected symbol near ‘<\226>’

I keep getting that error and can’t seem to fix it. Pretty sure I’m just being dumb but could you take a look?


there shouldn’t be anything on line 226, so I’m not sure. If you could post a screenshot I could help you.



Try reinstalling it because I don’t see a problem


Same error, not sure.