[Discontinued] Healthbar / UI - Now Supports vRP and ESX! (V 1.1)


Today im gonna share a Healthbar UI for VRP and ESX.

Download: https://github.com/TerbSEC/HealthbarUI



  • Download the resource from the link above
  • Drag the resource into your Resources folder
  • Add start “resource name” in your Server.cfg
  • Now you are good to go <3

UI include

  • Healthbar, Water, Food and Stamina
  • No Draws in LUA

I want to give full credits to:


Version 1.0

  • Released

Version 1.1

  • Added Config with Text Choice, if you want to see how mutch the bar has left
  • Added Armor Bar! (Only Shows if you have Armor on) 22e9aca86fc917765a5d6c48bbc92f6e 293312511afe35cfc385aae320fcc76c

I hope you enjoy this Script

If you use the ESX Version, please read the README File on Github (( Thanks ))


Why would I add start Radargun if the file is called vRP_Healthbar-UI?

Ahhaha woops :joy: Forgot to change thatttt
#CopyAndPaste from my other Release xd


Please share a screenshot of you gaining permission to share this.

you may use their content under the terms that you credit them and share your contact attempt (i.e. with a screenshot).

If its on Danish? Eh… Still want it included?

I want it included, yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked


do u plan on making it a replace for esx_basicneeds?

Mby one day:P Not really working with ESX atm.
Should not be hard to convert it tho xD Its only Food and Water

Yeah but I don’t code at all xD. I just own a server thats in development hoping I can find good esx scripts :smiley:

is there a way to add ex a text where there stand 100% if you have full life ?

Looks really nice, good work :slight_smile:

@Nick_Robin i will look into it :slight_smile:
@The_Beast it will come soon
@DustyNET thanks dude

Sounds good :+1:

Hiya, got a problem. I got the old hunger and water bars overlapping with the new release. On top of that my pnotify pops up around where the new bars are located, could anyone help a bit with where I need to go to remove the hunger and water bars and where to move my pnotify up? I don’t have the map showing when not in cars btw :slight_smile: thanks in advance.

vRP or ESX? :slight_smile: @MikeFrost

  • Healthbar now Supports ESX too

Thanks to @Skies for letting me test the ESX version on his Server. :slight_smile:

@TerbSEC it’s vRP - so yeah, the original bars for food and water overlaps, the pnotify is cause I run noradarwhiledriving - and the lack of minimap makes my pnotify drop down to the bars. Still would be nice to know where I have to - - out the bars. :slight_smile:

image So I got it to work with ESX, but what do I have to disable to get rid of the ones above the minimap?