Disable Ped/Vehicle/NPC spawning


I discovered this by accident while i was trying to get a popgroups.ymt file to work.

It seems to stop the spawning of traffic as well as peds.

I think the cause might be because that the popgroups.ymt is invalid or something.

This might be handy for some people.


AI Traffic Control

Can you please explain more about your script in the original post. Maybe something like; This Script disables the spawning of AI Peds in the game.


this is not even a script


My point exactly…


Not the most descriptive post, does it just kill all NPC spawning with bad / invalid / empty popgroups?



Sorry that i never described it as much, did not know what to put in really


Download not working yet, need that for my Testserver


this script is crap, i recommend finding a better alternative than this one.


the link don’t work, could you put it again?