Direct connect domain resolve


so i’ve noticed that when i input a domain that points to the server ip on direct connect, enter the server and leave, the next time i check my direct connect page, the domain i input previously gets resolved into the actual ip, and that kinda defeats the purpose of having a domain name so people can still connect even if the server needs to change to another location or whatever happens that makes the server get a different ip, easy fix, just don’t resolve it, would appreciate that, OR resolve it if you need it backend but keep what i input on the textbox :slight_smile:


But that wouldn’t work because currently the direct connect field automatically gets set to the IP of the last server you’ve joined. Even if you chose one from the serverlist. And because you connect to a server using an IP, (even if you enter a domain name) this means it’ll always use the IP instead. Having this set to some domain name would mean every server needs a domain name for this to be useful.


but did you get what i said ? like if for some reason i need to change ips (for example a change of hosts or upgrade the current machine), i want people to still be able to connect without me telling them they need to enter the domain again so it updates the direct connect field, that kinda defeats the purpose of having a domain in the first place, i think i’ve explained it a little better this time actually


This is actually quite frustrating for me. I use a domain name because I have a dynamic IP that changes every time I reboot my router. And for some reason half my friends can’t remember the domain (a .ca domain suffix confuses the hell out of most Americans it seems).

I see no point to the last server you joined being in the direct connect field since you can just go to the history tab anyway. And having the last thing you typed into the direct connect field stay there would be far more convenient in my opinion; Plus this is how almost every other game with a direct connect field does it as far as I know, which makes it confusing for end-users when the domain they typed gets replaced with the resolved IP.


Simply create a desktop shortcut with this link:


That will automatically connect to that server when starting FiveM.


Didn’t know I could do that, thanks.


This has been implemented in the new direct-connect page. :tada:

The boring-dev-host part was auto-filled. :slightly_smiling_face: