Developers looking for a good community to join



Hello, my name is James am a Experienced developer in modeling and texturing, website development and PHP. I am good at some scripting and I am learning more advanced scripting day by day. Affliction is a scripter that is a buddy of mine. We were developing arma 3 life servers and decided to make a return to the FiveM Project. We are looking for a good sized community to develop for and I have experience in managing communities. I also am experienced in hosting whitelisted communities.

Our Expierences:
And more

Feel free to leave contact info in the comments.

Also we are looking for a community with a decent amount of members.


Hello, I am SASRP Asst. Director Cole Z. In SASRP we just started a few days ago but are growing everyday by 3-4 people. We really need script and vehicle developers to help us. We’re getting a whitelist soon, if you want more information contact us on our discord at and contact Ben S.



my name is Graham with Vice Gaming Network. I’m currently apart of the Board of Directors here, and we’ve actually just opened an Arma 3 Division. We have a FiveM Division that has been open for many months, and are always looking for developers to help in the expansion of our community. If you’re interested please PM me, and we can discuss details. Thanks for your time.


Graham G.
Assistant Director of Development, Vice Gaming Network



I am CORE from LESA Gaming, we have existed for almost 8 years & have a FiveM server that can take the help from a experienced developer like you guys! We currently maintain scripts that help with RP but would love to have more to enhance RP to it’s potential. Here at LESA we currently have 30+ active members & get an average of 15 people a patrol!

If you’re interested please visit or pm me here on the forums for more details!

Thank you,

Sergeant II


I will be the first to say this, this GUY is NOT a DEVELOPER! He does not know how to write scripting, HE CAN DRAG AND DROP files…he did not manage my community nor did he ever make any scripts for us. I am in contact with DOJ as well to his actual role and experience and what he did there…he will come in and demand roles and privelages but will not live up to or earn the roles provided…for a developer, why would i always find how to videos on my server internet…how to setup server…etc. Then when is removed from community, he will throw a fit and then cry that you stole files the he had…he is a drag and drop server person…he has stole files from us, and doj as he has stated he has doj files. Which they will become aware of that this week. He will also try and get your sever blacklisted saying you stole files from him…this guy is a real POS and will demand ROLES and permissions and not earn them.,…he does not have the experience he is saying…he was kicked from all communities he has been in…that i is a red flag for you guys…i didnt know about all that until i have spoken to those communnities. Good luck if you hire this guy, he will create chaos among your community and people want to leave due to that guy… i AM OWNER OF NADOJ and I can say he didnt do a single thing for my community, infact he broke my server script for my jail,…i had to fix it and i made my owner server from scratch…also i have proof he stole files from my server…so beware if you give him access he will take files…


All this guy has done is copy and paste scripts and say that he made them i have also caught him trying to steal my scripts


First off I havent gotten kicked out of any communities/ clans i have been apart of . Second your the biggest lier in the world. You state I got your server blacklisted when infact I ignored your community and I have litterely just been playing other games and hanging out with friends. Third you state I stole files from you when you were the one saying you wanted a “clean server copy” and that’s what I did. I didn’t take any of your files because If I really wanted them all I have to do is go on FiveM forums and search them. And the reason why your server wasn’t working well was because YOUR DATABASE IS BROKEN!!! No wonder why you think your server is blacklisted !!! It’s just a way to hide the fact that you have no server knowledge and your server is broken. You want to blame the factor your community is dead and no one plays on it anymore ! IF YOU WANT TO OWN A COMMUNITY YOU NEED TO KNOW BASIC SERVER SETUP! I love how you say you “paid a dev” to make the server for you and he took your money and ran. If your going to hire a dev make sure they have work to show. And defiantly don"t paypal them money and not see the work upfront . I like how your staff say they are reporting me and going to get me in trouble when the reality of it is i haven’t done anything to any of the people on the server. I’m sorry you felt like I didn’t do anything I truely am. But this is a video game! People forget about this and I have to say you all are nice guys but you rush things way to much. I’m sorry that you felt I was too demanding and you assuming that I got your server blacklisted is completely stupid. I don’t care about your community and I am just a guy looking for a community to play on. You felt like I didn’t belong and that was that. I currently am working on a project and don’t care about your community. I don’t care about the work i did for you guys and sure in hell didn’t report you. I hope the best for you guys at NADOJ and Hope your community works out.


my community is fine! our server is fixed, because i did it…i deleted EVERYTHING you did and completely remade it! Also, who said no ones plays on our server!?? Our server is always having ppl on and playing…so again you talk a lot trash, but you seriously dont know nothing. Trust me the server i just made runs better than what you made…so i guess i am a dev? You do not know how to write scripts, you have no “custom scripts” of your own…yes, I have PUBLIC scripts from FIVEM, thats what they are there for! They do exactly what I need for my server…you absolutely did nothing for NADOJ, but you put in your post you managed us and or were a part of it…you were there a week, before we seen how shady you were. Good luck to you, but you seriously have no clue what youre doing to call yourself a DEVELOPER…and if stealing files makes you a developer, then i guess you are!


Sounds like someone is mad hmmm. And what did you show bud not a damn thing. On top of that saying you worked for NOPIXEL lmao kid just stop with your bs. No one cares. And your statement “IVE HAVENT BEEN KICKED OUT OF COMMUNITIES” we all know thats a lie.


nice drama you have here