Developer Needed (basic stuff i think)


Hi, could someone make a script that opens a website in game.
I would like the key ‘G’ to open a url thats windowed, for the player to not move whilst this is open and to be able to click and type in this window and for the site to operate.

Please help


You would need to use the built-in NUI system for displaying web pages in-game.


i don’t really understand your post title, where do you need help with what code ? you are just asking to someone make you a script ( you can rename your post by Request instead of help


If you’re on Steam, Shift+Tab, click “View Browser”… Bam, easy access to websites.

Now if you’re looking for someone to make you a script, you should probably change your title as you need a developer, not “need help with some coding” as that implies you want to learn.


Yes my bad I need a dev to do this for me.


Changed the title to reflect that.


Hi, do you still need a developer?


yes please mate. its needed