Developer looking for good and active community to join & help


Looking for a server to join with an established community and active player base. Comment your server below and more about it. We can talk more about dev needs later. First I want to find a community I like with people I like most importantly. (US Based)


Hi STG_Group,

My name is Titch I am the owner of Real life roleplay. We have been running just over a month now and have over 100+ players. Our server consists of mostly completely custom scripts which are made by me. We are looking to increase our development speed by allowing another developer to join our team in order to bring more things to our server in a shorter space of time. Drop me a message if your still looking around and interested :slight_smile:


server name: Cloud Role-Play
You should dev for us as we are a community based up on 100% serious rp now I can really explain to you how serious we actually are but if you join the discord we have 19 members as we did have 25 but they decided to disrespect me so I banned them I do not take any messing around we demote if some one fail rps then we temporary ban them then we ban forever. You should dev for us because we have a mature server friendly environment and we do not take advantage of our devs I currently have 2 scripting dev but would love to have more devs. You would honestly ave a great time here we are opening as soon as possible because we want everything done first. Also our developers get access to our admin menu in game and admin chat in discord and a development office in Team Speak.

My plans with the server are:
I will get everything done this week and open the server next weekend
I will wait until we get certain amount of members then we would white list for obvious reasons
Basically I plan to open the server very soon and then after certain amount of members we would white list

If yur interested please join our discord :slight_smile:


come check us out we are a gaming network with multiple servers, our staff is nice we have good rp and you will have a great time heree


Check us out :smiley:
New but growing really fast!

(and we could definitely use the help :wink: )

Add me if youre interested! : Floh#7952


We have a Great community we have 10 active people looking for new people that want a good rp


The post was only 6 months i’m sure he is still looking for a community guys!


We Welcome You To Our Server