Developer looking for existing server to join

Joined the discord - mentioned you

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Dang. XD

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Man lucky I blocked you guys immediately after all the hateful messages some of your developers sent to me.

yo <3,

i have some question before start working.

you can fix a outdated systems? like job system, shops, and resources like that?
not even asking for making resources

let you know if we gonna work you will not work alone i will help if needed.

skills :slight_smile:
little bit lua
100% - php,css,html, and dev for vbulletin,ipb, and much more forum systems.

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I’m the owner of MLSRP (Modern Los Santos Role-Play) we are a newly started server that is currently looking for a developer. We would love to have you on our team as a developer. We are respectful to all our members.

For more information about the server or any other questions you are free to contact me on discord: GeT_DuCkT#0251

Server Info:

  • We are a newly created server
  • Looking for staff
  • Custom cars
  • Respect is everything
  • Semi-realistic
  • We love freedom on our server.
  • This is not a ESX server.

GeT_DuCkT#0251 owner / founder MLSRP

Yeah, go ahead and invite me if you want to call!

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Hello! My community is looking at opening another server, and we’re ready to give zombie/survival a shot, we have a basic game mode in place, but we could use some help to build this from the ground up!

We have some really good concepts in place, and the community to make it popular, we just need the devs to make it happen. This is going to be as unique as we can make it, and we imagine this could be a really popular experience.

We run on a vps, and we know what we’re doing, we don’t need someone who can make a database and knows how to change values in LUA, I can do that myself. We need a dedicated and creative script developer who knows how to have a good time and make cool shit.

Obviously, we’re looking for

  • LUA Scripting from scratch
  • Modifying C# maybe?
  • Be a cool guy/gal

If you’re interested in helping, add Floh on discord!

We currently gain 50-100 Players per week, Aswell as we already have one developed server and would need your skill for this second server.


Its a shame you only contacted me. As you were the one looking for a dev right? Okay byee!

User asks for payment anyways. Just a heads up to anyone.

Southern Redwoods RP community

I’m looking for Developer for this one community that I’m in if you can help me dm my discord Stvbdkd#8453

I am an owner along with my 2 other friends and we need someone that can make custom scripts and make our server into something that is different from all the other servers on here. We are looking to create a unique experience in our RP community. Right now we are just putting scripts in from here because we do not have the knowledge of being able to do custom scripts. I would love for you to speak with me and my other 2 friends when we all have the chance to talk about it. Add me on Discord FD-DC2 M. Mullins#7587

How are you doing? I am looking for a dev as lol I’m the only one working on my server and my knowledge of scripting is slim I know a little but not much and I’m not looking for a dev to do all the work I’m looking for dev that will teach me the ropes you don’t even have to dev for my server I just want a the help and knowledge tips and tricks I learn better when things can be explained but also we would love to have someone who can help us achieve what our servers purpose if you are interested … my discord is MrColdStick#1906

Down for some siege lol

hey im the owner of SheepDogzRP we are looking for a dev feel free to DM me at Dean#4353

we are a server that is semi established and we are looking for someone who knows their stuff. Here is our discord.