Developer looking for existing server to join



Hi, Hope your all having a good day!

My alias is Nghts, thats my gamertag on xbox/ps4 as well as uplay. If you played siege. You may recognize my name from year1/2.

What im looking for?

As the title states i am now looking for a established server with respective staff and players. Im up for anything. if you have a challenge throw it at me!

What can i do??
This is pretty self explanatory. I can develop. im not just a kid who knows how to “change” words but i can actually write my own.

Languages im comfortable with: Lua/C#

Please do not
Ask me to join as a member
Ask me how to install simple scripts - Go look on YT or here

instead, dm me or leave your discord below. Thank you.

Note: This post will be updated regularly



It might help if you explain what kind of developer you are. You have said you are a developer but provided no known languages you write or any other knowledge you have.




Scotty :christmas_tree:#0001 :dab:


Contact me on discord and I’ll provide you with further information


Hi, hope your okay, here is a link to the original post and temp discord: New Project // SeriousRP




Hello Nights,

If you are still looking for a place, send me a dm. Were looking for developers for our FiveM Section. Our discord


Try us here!

Alameda County Roleplay - ACRP

Who we are

Alameda County Roleplay is a smaller community looking to grow. We were once San Andreas Police Department Roleplay (SAPDRP), we changed to ACRP then shut down due to IRL stuff and not having the time to commit to ACRP. We are back once again.

We need your help in order to strive. Just because we are small doesn’t mean we cannot grow.

Departments we offer

We currently have the following departments available to join.

  • Highway Patrol
  • Sheriff Department
  • Dispatch
  • Civilian
  • Fire & Rescue

Right now we are mainly looking for civilians.
The departments listed are the only ones we are accepting until we can get more members.


We currently have two servers available for people to play on.
Our first server is a menu based server. This allows for some more freedom to the civilians to create the perfect scenario they want. This also allows for quickly based scenes. This opens the creativity that economy servers may lack because of progression.

Our second server is an economy server. This is for the most strict roleplay that everyone wants to have. You need to get a job and earn money that will allow you to buy cars, apartments, drugs, weapons, etc. This server is in beta and still in-progress.

Both of our servers have a very unique and personal map. This is a customized IAA building from the doomsday heist update. We have only seen 3 other servers with something like this. Here are some screenshots to check out.

Want to help out?

We are always looking for people who are wanting to help out. Whether this is in script development, graphics design, web development, etc.


Website -
Discord - or - Whichever decides to work.
TeamSpeak 3 -
Rules and Regulations -

We are doing something new as of today. We will be allowing anyone to join the community without submitting an application. All you have to do is join the TeamSpeak server and do a short “get to know you” interview.


Director/Founder - Edwin S.
Deputy Director - Brennen S.
Highway Patrol Commissioner - Andrew S.
Sheriff Department Sheriff - Cam P.
Fire Chief - N/A
Dispatch Director - Jammal R.
Civilian Director - Zach A.


Shoot me a PM got a bunch of cool dudes and we all run a server. When it comes to developing we struggle though. Would be great to have a Dev to help us out. J. Mudkip#9648


I would recommend you put this option on in

Everyone can add you :slight_smile:


Hey, bro. your discord isn’t working. Did you spell it correctly.


I fixed it try again. I had everyone able to add me off




Add me Nghts#5944




We need help with Dev!!

Grand Life Role Play is a Menu Based server with added ESX Jobs such as Drugs Job, Truckers Job, Taxi Job, Mafia etc…!

We have almost 200 Cars and growing, each car has been through steam test to ensure a lag free experience.

Grand Life Role Play also has custom edits to the maps such as a New Police dept and Fire/EMS station in Sandy shores, we have a small mansion down the road and a “abandoned” Party yacht!, there is a small boat dock and a police checkpoint on East Joshua Rd.

We have the Facebook HQ in the city along with Shell garages, Burger King and custom billboards.

Want to do a race? NO PROBLEM! we have a custom build race track at Los Santos International Airport with some tight bends and long straights! all with barriers, cones and lighting.

Interested in Police? We have a strong force and looking to make it stronger! Apply in Discord and if you like you can be a Pub cop and drive our Highway Crown Vic with ELS/Luxart lighting.

And we also have the ability to pull AI to help your roleplay experience

BCSO is always looking for new people who want to join and help blaine county and surrounding areas

There is more than listed here such as bus stops and custom Park ranger cars… but why not hop in and take a look? you can contact my self, K.Kruse or Briscoe on the discord!

Discord Link:

Hope to see you soon!


Heya there, I own a community called Kingpin RP. We are currently looking for somebody experienced and willing to work for us that has the functionality that suites his work. In other words, do you want a supportive work environment on a server if you want to test things? Go ahead with us etc. I will post our Hiring link: 👑 KingpinRP is searching for an experienced developer!

Please read that post if you’re interested.
Hope to hear back from you!

My personal discord: Matty#7314
Our communities Discord:


“Supportive work environment”