[Developer Looking for a new Home] Knowledgeable Developer Looking for a new home



Im JohnDevelopsOfficial i am looking for a home that will not be disrespectful and treat me with with a deservable Development Rank after Developing for a community and Working my best for them they started Controlling my Life i couldn’t go to work because this specific community was asking how long it was going to take and why and im not old enough to work ect. they would yell and demand that if i did not get the server done in 15 mins they would start ddosing me and they have done it. all i want is a non hostile Community and a community that needs development work done

what i provide?

*Custom Vehicles
*Add-on Vehicles

  • Addon Peds
    *I work for free
    *able to work whenever

Why Should you Hire me?
I am a well and good developer and can problem solve anything that come my way.

Contact Information:

Discord: john H.#4479

Looking For Server
I'm Looking for a Role-Playing Community to Call Home!
Greater Manchester Roleplay Community l Menu Based l ELS l Custom CAD l Whitelisted l Actively Recruiting!











we are also looking for developers!


Still Looking For member join Today


looking for members


Fire Department has Just opened we also have a vehicle developer that will be making custom vehicle for our community dont miss out on the fun


Alot more about the server will be told tomorrow


We Now have a vehicle addon menu


We are now ready to take applications for Law Enforcement DEPT e.g BCSO LSPD and so on please feel free to join our discord for more relevant info about our community such as rules ect!! https://discord.gg/ks9zVUF


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Flashing Lights New Server’


The server looks great! Everybody is a professional, the time never feels as if it is wasted. With many of the custom cars, police vehicles an scripts you can have endless fun with a server that will be getting at least fifteen people minimum on the server’ everyday!


We now have a MEX server for ESX




  • FLRP 2.0
  • DOJRP Police cars,Scripts
    -XBR Fire Vehicles.
  • Stable server
    Why Not Join? What are you waiting for?