[DEV][vRP] ENG/FR Recherche DEV (vRP) pour serveur FR RP



Hello good night
GardeNoire (http://gardenoire.fr) FiveM server has been UP since December, since January under vRP. Mature server for the rest, we decided to opt for vRP (Dunko’s edit) because this base was more permissive.
Today I am looking for a dev / devs to support me for the improvement of the server. Indeed, by trying, we managed to do something nice (without specific knowledge in mysql / lua) but the upcoming challenges for the server and its improvement exceed my / our skills.

The project
At today’s day we have a base somewhat similar to some Farm-based Altis Life server / businesses / chests / home / legal / illegal.
Besides the additions, what I would like to see implanted would be:

  • A system of “taxes” indexed on resources, number of vehicles
  • Implement the damage variable to the vehicles saved in the “garage” in order to have a more realistic system and favor the garage
  • Invent a pounding system that will allow some players to be able to “confiscate” vehicles
  • Improve the HUD and make it instinctive