[Dev Tool / Release] Lua Native Function Code Hints in Notepad++ (v2.1)



Code Hints in Notepad++ (Native functions hints)

I’ve made a FiveM lua auto-completion file for Notepad++ containing (almost) all Native Functions. This was requested (and joked about) by @Bluethefurry on Discord.

Example screenshots:

How to use it:

  1. Download the zip from github.
  2. Extract the lua.xml file form the zip file.
  3. Go to your Notepad++ installation folder.
  4. Go into plugins/APIs
  5. Copy the lua.xml file that you just extracted to this folder.
  6. Use CTRL + SPACE while writing inside of a .lua file to get function hints. (Example in the first screenshot above)
  7. When you have your cursor between the two ( ) brackets of a function, press CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE to get information on how to use the function. (Example in the second screenshot above!)

Feel free to change anything to your liking, just don’t re-release this file without giving credit to me.
This file was made using a custom coded script, some descriptions of certain functions might be incorrect due to the limitations of JavaScript scripting. If you see any mistakes just head over to the GitHub repository and create a pull request to fix it.

Change log

Want to learn Lua
[Release] FiveM Natives - Snippets/Completions for Sublime Text, VS Code, Atom, & Notepad++
Help with Tornado script

Sweeeeet! This is great! Going to save so much time with this! Thanks for sharing!


absolutely beautiful, you should upload it to a git so we can fix it together :wink:


Will do it later today :slight_smile:


Done! Can be accessed here.
I’ve pushed a few updates today to clean it up a lot, make sure to use the latest version :wink:

Want to learn Lua

Update v1.3 (18-09-2017)

Many changes, download the latest version here.


Nice, thanks @Vespura and @Bluethefurry!


Update v2.0. What’s new?

+ Added common lua keywords and functions.
+ Added Citizen.Wait() and Citizen.CreateThread()
+ Updated all natives to the latest version as of 14-12-2017.
+ Reduced the amount of incorrect hints by rewriting my script that's used to create this file.

Possibly other changes that I already don't remember.

Download: https://github.com/TomGrobbe/Lua-Code-Hints/releases



(20 Ch)


Update v2.1

This update is not on github yet, as I need to improve and add some stuff. But not sure when I’ll get around to doing that.


Improved descriptions (examples)


lua.xml (1.7 MB)


There are some wrong natives like TriggerEventInternal instead of TriggerEvent but I don’t have time to fix those right now, it’s not a lot but a few CitizenFX Api set natives aren’t 100% correct.