[Dev Needed] in a young server ran by adults that like to have fun! (Please Read)



Hello world, I am looking for a Dev to help me put the final touches on a server thats already more than half way done. Please read to see what I need help with and if its something you can do

First let me tell you a little bit about me and the server. The server is going to be Life RP type of server, that is run primarly by me (a 28 year old that loves to game and create new friends on the internet) and also so far we got about 8 members, all of which are in their 20s and some of them have been gaming together for a while.

The jobs, salaries, cars, etc has already been put, here is where you can help:

  • Help with adding a few commands/animations to jobs
  • Help with configuring Mod/Admin/Superadmin permissions (what they can and cant do)
  • Help with reconfiguring a few things in EMS/Police/and PW job menu
  • Help setting a few keybinds and changing a few keybinds to different things

Along with a few other little things that I’m sure slipped my mind. All in all for someone that has been doing this for a while I am sure its not going to be much work.

If you decide to help and leave that is appreciate it and I’ll be sure include your Twitter, Instagram or whatever in the Discord section for all to see as a thank you.

If you decide to stay then that’s even better and I am sure we can find a nice part for you to be involved in the server.

If you’re interested please either PM here or leave your Discord name in the thread below.

Thank you.


Bump. We are in the final stages of the servers and we need help with small things here and there. We got a community of 25+ currently and we are looking for Dev that can help us launch the server.

Give us a shot, I promise you that no toxic people are there, and its adults that like to game, and have fun. Discord: https://discord.gg/9VbB2nS