[DEV] [ESX] Stock market framework


This is a system I’ve been working on slowly over the last month nothing to special the basics are in place to tie into any of your own creations

Default stocks refresh themselves every 1 minute to a new value


To Do List
*SQL database linking
*Job based stock changes
*Market Reaction

Client Commands

Server Commands

Version 0.1

ESX Stock Market Framework
This resource is not meant to be used as is requires, you to do your own coding to link


:footprints: Why!!!
Not too bad I guess…


boredom struck, never know could be useful for someone


nice job on the script!


I would love to see more added to this mod, made in boredom or not.
It’s a great addition to the bankerjob.
Looking forward to seeing market graphs if possible.
Or have it typically working with the businesses in game, just like online.
You know, if you are still bored and that. Lol.
But good mod nonetheless.


it is not working for me its not letting me buy any stocks at all


are you getting any errors in game console or server console?

i plan to work on the system a bit more later this month rl happened as well as working on other side projects


I was just thinking about this, and tying it in with society’s and their performance.

I’m just getting started, so I obviously have no idea how to do that, but I absolutely love that you implemented a similar idea. Can’t wait to see more from you.