Dev / Community Manager for free


Hi all!

My name is Tyler and I’m looking to help you guys out when it comes to development!

I’d like to start off by saying that unlike other developers about, I’m not interested in screwing you over, I’d rather do solid work and do a good job for you to expand my own experience :wink:

So what can I do for you? Well to start, I’m an avid web developer with experience working with arma 3 server development. I’m also experienced in HTML and CSS as well as a little JavaScript on the side. Outside of web development i know how to run a community i have over 1k hours experience with rp from arma + FiveM

If you want to get in touch with me, the best thing to do is add me on steam, but you can also add me on discord. I am looking for something serious a place to call home.

So what am i looking for in a server? well like i said i have over 1k hours rp experience i dont like servers that run off a mod menu its verry generic.


Discord: Tyler Moose#6227

I want to finish by saying thanks for your interest and I hope to work with you in the future!

Kind Regards,
Tyler Moose


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Hi i am currently a developer for a community called california law roleplay and i could use some asstistance [US] California Law Roleplay | D.O.J. Based | Custom Scripts & Cars | Custom CAD/MDT | Whitelisted Server and Public Server | Under New OwnerShip


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I would love that you could DM asap LTB #2343 when you want to :slight_smile: We need a dev