Desert Roleplay - Staff Needed - Professional CAD/MDT - Recruiting for Dept Heads, Civilians, BCSO & SAHP!


Hello! I am the Sheriff of BCSO in DesertRP. Here you can find an amazing, friendly, respectful community experience, with serious roleplay. DesertRP is a community that is dedicated, first to have fun and present the community, and to provide a realistic roleplay environment.

DesertRP was formed in January 2018. DRP is a small, but close community. We hope to grow and expand the roleplay possibilities within the community. DRP has a working CAD/MDT, available to all members within the community.


Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - High Recruitment
San Andreas Highway Patrol - Medium Recruitment
Los Santos Fire Department - High Recruitment
San Andreas Communications Department - High Recruitment
Civilian Operations - High Recruitment

Community Requirements?

Be able to download Teamspeak 3
Own a legit copy of Grand Theft Auto V (unless signing up for Communications)
Meet the age requirement of 13
Can not be in any active FiveM Roleplaying community


Application Link (Direct)


Our temporary website
This is not the official website, we are changing domains soon!


Do not request for us to merge with your clan/community without contacting command staff. You will not be able to join TS3/Discord until your application is complete. You will get an email saying whether you have been accepted or declined.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you soon!
Deputy Director TheHardGamer101

Feel free to comment below with questions you might have.



Add a direct connect to the server so users can see what it looks like. Maybe screen shots of vehicles, map edits, rp scenes, cads, etc.


server is private but will provide pics and more soon


I would recommend this server very professional and nice people running the whole thing! makes for an enjoyable experience


Future Developments:

  • New & Improved Vehicles
  • Finishing up DRP in-game toolbox
  • Fixing & Adding more scripts

More Coming Soon…


Is it possible that you could post some pictures of the CAD/MDT?



my server has that too


thats very cool dude.



“desync is real” Lol.


Why was he jailed on the road?


it was for the previous call


we currently are only accepting applications for California Highway Patrol


Our discord is now public!!!




It would be a good time to let the post sit idle for a week. If it dies then make a new one.