Deprecating CitizenMP.Server


Little harder to create servers, but not that much once you get used to it. Anything for improvement anyways :slight_smile:


I’m just trying to bring up the player list in-game. You used to be able to do it by pressing up on the arrows.


@eltuis10 oh i see , it’s provide by essential mod, you need to install the version 4 i think with fxserver



I want to say something, at first I was very against FX-Server, Ill admit it. But FX-Server is growing, and most of my scripts actually ported over, I was suprised, and the scripts which I had a problem with were easy fixes, for example, chat roles, all I needed to do was change the stringsplit and everything worked, (Due to lua update), I think everyone should grow up and deal with it. Honestly, I had 48 scripts and I ported most of them over without any issues, so people should stop complaining (Im guilty of this) and just try the fucking thing before complaining, (Again guilty of this to), and if you can’t change a couple lines of code, you shouldn’t be runing a server.

(I also really hated the new chat but i kinda like it now)


@304bl ok, I’m an idiot, I should have been saying scoreboard. Its the scoreboard that’s not coming up. I realized I didn’t have it in my start list. I added it and its still not working. This is the default one that comes with fx server download. I really hope someone knows why this is happening. Thanks man


normaly if you install this essential :

the scoreboard will work with this version


yeah I have that installed too


only your scoreboard isn’t working ?


Yes, exactly. I can’t figure out why. I feel like I’ve looked into everything.


You can change the new chat if you really want to anyway, I recently changed the input textbox back, since it can be hard to see the text without the background sometimes. Also, I went from using cfx-servers on windows to using FXservers on Linux in the space of a couple days, there is so much documentation now anyone could port over their server easily.


I can respect that. Good on you for getting it all sorted.


If you don’t want to spend a little bit of time configuring then maybe running a server isn’t your thing as all servers no matter what game always need tweaking - I’m new to Lua (a week) and managed to get scripts going. There is a reason why it’s changing to fxserver and has been said why multiple times - if you think that’s stupid, well yeah OK. As most and I have experienced, it’s maybe a couple of changes to scripts to get them going.


The FX SERVER sucks. It keeps desyncing whenever I have more than a few players. I had to go back to the legacy server. There are major issues with it. I was excited when i heard you guys were switching to it but once i uploaded everything and when to use it. People in my entire sever kept desyncing. It makes it nearly impossible to Roleplay or even just play in general. The longest you can last in the server before a desync is anywhere between 5-10 minutes. I am holding off on getting FX Server until these issues are corrected.


big problem for Fxserver so ping 200 or 400 and citizen not ping just 35 ping why ?
thank you so much Capture25


Thank you for telling us about the update and we lost our servers! Good job FiveM very well you puer la merde bande chien.
un joueur caledonien.


Would you rather they just blacklisted on the 15th without telling anybody? My interpretation may be a bit wrong and I can’t be arsed to translate your spanish words, but as I see it, you’re complaining they warned you a good month or so before doing it.


In wich way you lost your server? :smiley: haha

The DEV-Team brings a Update where more Player can join a server (Main goal i guess) and people are complaining about their servers because the free scripts they downloaded doesnt work anymore.

Learn, fix, execute…

SRY RUDE: Shame on you, you dirty spanish idiot.


It’s french, not spanish :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everyone !

First of all, thank you for all your work. You guys are keep trying to improve our experience every day, and we really appreciate the energy you’re putting into FiveM (ignore the complaints, let the whinners drown in their tears).

Now come’s my issue ^^ (nothing big I guess)
We were able to start our server through FX, but we noticed a significant ping raise…
I have 3-10ms with Citizen (this version is still running for now) and 40-50 on FX, and another staff member has 40-50 on citizen and 80-90 on FX…

We tested our server’s ping with Citizen, FX, and both at the same time, no difference (1-2ms).

Is it normal ? Did we miss something ?

Thank you very much ! :slight_smile:


I know it is. 'Twas but a joke.