Department Of San Andreas State Roleplay

Department Of San Andreas State Roleplay Welcomes anyone looking for a family friendly Server and a place to call home. We are very linient on what roleplays you can do we just ask that you be respectful to other members and have fun. We are looking for Staff, All Departments to help keep the community running.

Departments we have include

Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Communications

We welcome anyone who is looking for a new server with friendly staff and members, Drama free Server and also ones who want to make RP better for all who come in. We are currently adding new things to make the server better and look for suggestions to make it better.

Join us and Apply for a Department on our Discord


Server IP:

How do I join

Bump :slight_smile: