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Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community
Est. 2017/01/01.
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About the DoPJRP

The Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community began in late December 2016 where development happened with four friends who meet with a common interest in roleplaying of emergency services. We open our doors to the public on 2017/01/01. Ever since that we aim for realistic roleplay and a professional family friendly community.

The Roleplay Experience

The experience you have in your career with the Department of Public Justice is one of Courage, Initiative, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Respect. The experiences gained from roleplaying also provide an excellent friendship. At the rare occasion, something does go wrong don’t worry! you can inform our Department of Investigations (Internal Affairs) and expect a swift response. Everybody’s experience is our duty to ensure a fun and friendly experience.

Departments Offered!
Civilian Operations Command
Operational Communications Centre
San Andreas Fire Department
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County // Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department
San Andreas State Police

To extend our roleplay our Development Team have worked to provide an non-medical // emergency services agencies to our Civilian Operations Command (Government Jobs), and providing a larger reach for our Dispatchers with proper certification lead courses to deepen the experience, or even adding extra responsibilities to Law Enforcement Officers by providing multiple sub-detachment across San Andreas.


Recruitment Requirements
The Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community (DoPJRP) has strict recruitment requires, this is so we can keep a realistic level of roleplay.

DoPJRP also offers a Advanced Interviewing System for those who do not like Interviews and who are under the requirements but show the Community’s Core Values to an extent that would allow for successful integration with the rest of our player base.

Age: 15.
Fluent in English. (written, // verbal)
You must have a microphone.
Working TeamSpeak 3 Client.
Working FiveM // Grand Theft Auto
Willingness to learn // Integrity.

How else do we help with Integration with the DoPJRP?
Our Department of Recruitment and Field Training offer Career’s Counselling for those who wish to attempt joining the DoPJRP. We also can assist the Member in coming up with a plan to successfully reach goals set within the DoPJRP.


Thankyou on behalf of the DoPJRP and Administration Team.
Any questions contact us valid
or join our Public Relations Discord or Teamspeak. (Links above).

[HELP WANTED] Developers Wanted | Department of Public Justice Roleplay

This is really a fun place to be. There are patrols everyday and a lot of cool cars the best decision have ever made


Update Report:

The Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community has been under going a revamp for the last few months, some of the changes consist of the following;

Roleplay Scenarios From our Media Team
Florida Mann Saving the fishes from getting wet.
Testing our Alien Spotlight script. (Helicopter Spotlight)

Apply at
Public Relations Discord:


SA Fire Service
New Helicopters for Aviation Support Regiment
Bus Driver Sunset


Roads and Maritime Training

[RP] Looking for a fully whitelisted server

2018/10/12 (In-Game Picture)

At 2100 hrs 2018 October 12th Police attached to the Palomino Highway Patrol detected a Black Chevy Tahoe at a speed of 105 mph
in a signed posted 65 mph on San Andreas Route 13, Sandy Shores.

The driver, a 37 year old male Sandy Shores who held a San Andreas drivers license (class c) was stopped and spoken to. He denied travelling at this speed stating prior to the offence. “Sorry I am I usually a good driver” .



Recruitment is still open!

Recent Updates:

  • New non-els custom Police vehicles.
  • Custom Fire Fleet
  • Custom Medical Services
  • Fully finished custom EUP!