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Members from the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command Strike Force conducting stationary radar on the side of Joshua Rd.

Distracted Driving: 10
Driving Without a License: 2
Driving Under the Influence of an Illicit Substance: 35
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol: 5

It was a successful operation according to Chief Superintendent Noah F. with the Palomino Highway Patrol.

Screenshot_36 Screenshot_53

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Speeding past an unexpected speed trap really wasn’t a great idea on my part… haha

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Here’s a screenshot not for the faint of heart. The deer ranout into the road into the side of my vehicle, it went flying and almost killed my vehicle. IRL that would have totaled my vehicle for sure!

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Mr. Santo here (escaped convict) thought he could get away with his following warrant charges:

  1. Felony Evasion
  2. Hit & Run
  3. Conspiracy to commit murder
  4. attempted armed robbery
  5. attempted vehicular manslaughter
  6. Grand Theft Auto
    Suffice it to say the Los Santos Police Department caught up with him and slammed his narrow-azz in jail!


Out for a bit of a fly overSandy Shores in what is clearly a beautiful sunny day on the Department of Public Justice FiveM server. (Civilian Operations Command)

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The Department of Public Justice Role-Play community is focused on professionalism and group play.

Today we have commenced a specialised advertising programme for the following departments, being the San Andreas Fire Service, San Andreas Ambulance Service, and Civilian Operations Command.
The DoPJ would like to focus on advancing these departments in both membership and knowledge, and as these have had the lowest application rate in the last few months we have decided to focus on these two specifically.
Therefore we would like to invite anyone who would be interested in joining either of these two fine departments to join our Public Relations Discord and feel free to ask any question in the #ask-a-dopj-member channel, or if you would like to get the application process started straight away, you can head on over to our website at and fill in an initial employment application under the Careers tab.


Our special recruitment cycle is nearly finished for our Fire Service! But our Civilian Operations Command is actively recruiting!


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We are still advertising for new Members! Interested in professional, realistic, and an amazing group of people? Don’t worry we focus on all our Departments (Civilian, Police, Fire & Ambulance) Members so if you are feeling adventurous well you better challenge yourself!

Apply at

Recent Screenshots
Interested to see/hear more about the DoPJRP? Check out our website, Instagram, Facebook, or public relations discord.

Screenshot_110 Screenshot_123 Screenshot_122


Mr. Jensen Queen (very tired from driving all night) decides to pull off on the side of Route-13 for a bit of a rest. To the side of Mr. Queen; a bit of a vehicular accident has occurred. Unsure as to what happened, Jensen decided he’d still take a rest and ignore it… until an LEO came up to his window asking what was wrong.


Check out our recent YouTube videos.

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The search continues for new members! Have you had the ability to check out our social media? If not can I urge you to go ahead and check us out! We are beginning to post more regularly about In-Game scenarios that happen regularly for different support roles (Sub-Divisions) around the DoPJRP or new additions to the DoPJRP such as our updated RMS cars which will be posted later tonight.

Official Website
Official Instagram
Official Facebook Page
Official Public Relations Discord


Check out this beautiful sunrise shot on the mountain range in Sandy Shores - truely spectacular!

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Bump! Recruiting for all Departments :slight_smile:


This is a great server :grinning:


Recruitment opened for all Departments! Want to be apart of the change? start the process today!
the entire DoPJRP is recruiting!

  • Civilian Operations Command

  • Operational Communication Centre

  • San Andreas Fire Service

  • San Andreas State Police

    We are even offering Probationary Moderator positions on our Public Relations Discord!


Looking for a Professional, Realistic, and Friendly FiveM community? Apply at



Our recruitment is going well! Be the change you want to see! lead the charge!!


Interested in some good content? Check out our Public Relations discord!


Come and join us! Bump!


Here are a few screenshots from last night’s patrol.