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Who are we?

Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community is an extremely professionally serious dedicated Community with focuses on all style of Roleplayers. What we offer Civilian Operations Command, Communications Operations Centre, San Andreas Fire Services, and the Los Santos Police Department, and the San Andreas State Police. These Departments have advanced Training procedures and a dedicated Support Teams and Personnel backing them!


What makes us unique?

The Department of Public Justice offers features that some Communities cannot access. Some of these are not limited to; Emergency Lighting System, Experienced Patrol Supervisors, Custom and Interesting and Divseres Sub-Divisions, Custom Civilian Vehicles (Construction, Non-Construction), while this may sound fun and interesting we try to offer our Members the ability to live the realility of San Andreas. In addition to that, we have an ever open-minded Command Staff.


What are the Requirements?

To join the Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community you will need to follow the simple steps. After ensuring you have the essential equipment for the DoPJRP being the legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC (Not required for Dispatchers!) and Teamspeak 3 installed on Phone, Computer or Ipad. Ensure to view this document here and double check the standards and expectations.. Once that is completed head to this section to start the process.


How to join?

If you are interested I strongly recommend checking out our website and exploring the Department’s pages and finding one that really interests you! After that, if you are still interested in advanced Roleplay or a great time to submit an Application to start a Career with the Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community. Fill in the information on the application with as much detail as possible and expect a response from our Department of Recruitment and Field Training to respond vailed email and the Application process.


Policing Roles Available on Recruitment

  • General Operations (GD)

  • Traffic and Highway Patrol Command (TSU)

    Policing Roles

    • Wildlife Operations Command

    • Aviation Regiment

    • Maritime Regulation Enforcement

    • Motorbike Unit

    • Police Rescue

    State Crimes

    • General Investigation Services. (GIS) (Detective)

    • Integrated Special Operations. (ISO)

    Tactical Response Units

    • Stragtic Response Unit


Fire Services Specialized Roles

  • Special Operations Paramedic

  • Fire Services Rescue Squad

  • Fire Marshal’s Office

  • Medical Examiner

  • Hazardous Area Response Team



We have been working on a brand new website! What sort of features would you like to see!


I cannot apply because the website is not loading up.


Hello Cris,

Sorry for the inconvenience we are currently attempting to transfer to a brand new website so our domain has gone down, If you wait another day I will be able to pass you a link. contact me whenever on discord at Noah F.#9829


Ok thank you for letting me know


I am proud to finally announce our new website! come check it out!





Hello all! I was just wanting to fill everybody in on a brand new update to the Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community! The following updates still have a lot of improvements to be done but overall we are starting to experience brand new changes for the better.

Over the past month, our Executive Team has been in contact with a third party Development Company to make us a brand new cad to have all sort of features we require. Don’t worry though we will still be expecting millions of little changes to come over the next few months. In addition to that, we have been working on redefining the Police Department’s cars as most may know if you follow our Instagram [DoPJ.RP] is our Instagram account, So the Los Santos Police have been successfully integrated into the Community opening up more brand new opportunities during patrols. We have also been working harder on our new website to provide more content to viewers and Members have a look around and tell us what you think, this allows you to experience a brand new side of the Department pages with ever-evolving content.


Feel free to reply to this thread and we will get back to you as soon as possible. - DoPJRP Administration.




Good news! the Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community has recently added Sheriff and Deputy to its ranks with brand new patrol cars hitting the streets in the coming weeks!





Initial Employment Application. (Recruit App.)
Instagram page
Public Relations Discord
Public Relations Teamspeak Address.

Community Update
Tomorrow 2018/03/03 (March 3rd) we officially open the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department, and the Civilian Operations Commands.

Department Recruitment

  • These will be listed in order of the priority in the Community.
  1. Communications (Operational Communications Center)
  2. Sheriff’s Department (Blaine County Sheriffs Department)
  3. Fire Services (San Andreas Fire Department)
  4. Police Department (Los Santos Police Department)
  5. State Police (San Andreas State Police) [No longer accepting]

Tomorrow from Eastern Standard time American, 1300 (1 o’clock in the afternoon) to 1700 hours (5 o’clock in the afternoon) we will have Recruitment Staff on our Public Relations Discord and Team, feel free to join and ask questions about a career we can offer you or start the enjoyable experience.

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