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I am starting a server called Department Of Defense RP the owners are Tristen L. and Ethan we have been friends for a long time and we were like oh senice we have been playing on FiveM so long we should our own server
so todays the day we have started are own we hope to see you come check us out. We have a developer who is putting new updates into the server and we also have all custom scripts Developer Name: (Vibey). What we offer
to you is kind, nice, chill, respecting roleplay environment and what also we do it everywhere that right come check us out and come meet us more people too cant wait to meet you!!!

As of now we have the following:

  • Over 10 jobs to work as
    • Farmer
    • Brewer
    • Miner
    • Lumberjack
    • Pool Cleaner
    • Winemaker
    • Fisher
    • Garbage Man
    • Tow Truck Driver
    • GoPostal Delivery
    • Mechanic (whitelisted)
    • Police (whitelisted)
    • EMS (whitelisted)
  • Custom Character Creator
  • Inventory System (legal & illegal)
  • Weapon System (gun license)
  • Illegal Jobs (weed, controlled substances, more to come)
  • Vehicle Dealership (with optional insurance and custom civilian vehicles)
  • Custom Jailing System

Police Ranks That Are Open!!

1.Chief of Police [Taken]
2.Asst. Chief of Police [Taken]
3.Deputy Chief of Police [Open]
4.PD Captain [Open]
5.PD Lieutenant [Open]
6.PD Staff Sergeant [Open]
7.PD Sergeant [Open]

EMS Ranks That Are Open!!!

1.Chief of EMS [Taken]
2.EMS ASST. Chief [Open]
3.EMS Captain [Open]
4.EMS Lieutenant [Open]
5.EMS Specialist [Open]

Staff postions that are open!!!

1.Community Manager [Open]
2.Admin [Open]
3.Moderator [Open]
4.Trial Staff [Open]


Department Of Defense RP Member Count
71 Members

Heres Some Pictures:

Police Screen Vehicles

Some Civilian Vehicles