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Hello everyone

My name is Caner and I created and founded Department of City last week. So the server is brand new and that’s why i’m here.

The server is nearly finished with scripts, but is still need some developments.
We are currently looking for a developer to the server.

But we have:
Custom Cars! (Very Stable-Hand Selected)
Custom Vehicle Handling
Custom Police Cars and Skins
Fuel Stations
Cruise Control
Blinker Indicators
Vehicle Options (Open Windows, Hood, Trunk, Doors)
Modified Traffic
Time and Weather Sync
LS Customs - Customize Car
Car Dealer
Garage System
Vehicle Impound System
Repair Kits and Lock Picks
Hunger and Food System
PVP Robbery system - (Rob Players for everything they have!)
Police and EMS Helicopter with Camera system
Custom Vehicle Damage System
Police Radar
Custom Map Edits
Rob Markets, Banks and Jewelry store
Police Alerts
Police Training Program with Chain of Command
Unique EMS Tools and Transportation
Mechanics crafting system (make and sell repair and body kits)
Bandages and Medkits for healing
Play as NPC Model or FreeRoam with custom clothing options)
Custom Police Ped Models
Banking System
Inventory System
4 Illegal Drugs - Drug Values depend on the number of Police on - Harvest / Process / Sell
NPC Drug Selling - Sell to NPCs for more profit or bulk sell
12 Legal Jobs
Hands Up / Kneeling Player Actions
Jail System
Ticket/Fine System
New! GUI Action Menu (Work in progress)
Server Queue System
Gun Crosshair Removed
List item
Much Much More…

JOIN OUR DISCORD: add me Caner#0054


Recruiting / looking for:
Staff (Admins, mods,developers)

We play serious roleplay on our server. FailRP, RDM, VDM, etc. will not be tolerated. (Read rules on Discord server)

Hope to see you soon!
Thank you, from Caner and all the members of Department of City


We need more people …




You already have a thread in #server-development:server-bazaar. Stick to the one. Put all information in that one topic.
(Department of City | Recruiting Staff/Police/Ems | Serious RP | DOJ Style | Custom Scripts |)