Hey I’m Robert. I’m nearly done Developing my server, it will be up and running later today or tomorrow with plenty of new scripts. (08-12-2018 - 21:47 - GMT+1)
We are a 15+ Community and up
So what do we have to offer? Why should you pick us?

Here is what we have to offer
No ranks: You can wear what you want and drive whatever you want as a Law Enforcement Officer.
More freedom both as a Civilian and Law Enforcement Officer.
You can be in any Department you want:
We focus on the Civilians more than Law Enforcement.
We listen to everyone and our Priority is to make sure YOU are having a good time playing on OUR server.

*Here is why you should pick us as a Community:
Our focus is not on Law Enforcement, our MAIN focus is on Civilian and the Fire Department. We wanna treat everyone equally no matter how high of a rank you are. We are trying to keep it most professional as possible and still having fun as a team.

Right now we need someone that is Head of Fire Department. So if you think you can control it and taking responsibility then feel free. BUT you need some Fire knowledge.