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Hello there,
I am Javier C. the Colonel for the San Andreas State Police. We are currently accepting application and inquires for the department. We also are looking to fill command and leadership positions. Hop on our discord and send myself a message to further venture into this wonderful community.

Very Truly Yours,
Javier Cruz


Played on this server a little bit, police team is very neat and professional and the modifications to the server are awesome! Very fun and will be returning


Server is fun I just wish more people played


Still hiring!



Our server is fun as hell! Good cops fun and funny role play, friendly staff… nothing but good vibes and fun times.
We got drugs and all sorts of cool shit! We have a role play over rule play mindset here, at the end of the day our aim is to provide you the players with a rich and immersive role play experience! Feel free to stop on by make a persistant character and start working towards the better things in life!