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Pretty sure their game servers are against FiveM’s ToS


so is it better to go with a VPS?


Yes, as the only permitted GSP is zap-hosting, all others are going against the ToS.


would you recommend that I do zap-hostings memory boost or no?


Never used zap, only a VPS from OVH, so i have no idea about whatever they have.


if I were to use OVH what VPS service should I use. their SSD, Cloud, or Cloud Ram?


It doesn’t take much to run a FiveM server… Ultimately it depends on what you plan on doing…

If you’re going to use a lot of resources, and intend on having a full server (32 players) then you might want to get something that’s a little bit more powerful…

If you intend to use only a few resources and have a few players, then go for the cheaper options.


is Zap-Hosting Base 32 player with no Ram Boost good enough to run a Fivem RolePlaying Server? or Should I go with a 4 GBs of Ram VPS from someone like OVH? @Indominus


ZAP’s base server config is good enough to run a FiveM server, yes. You can also ask more question to them if you need


Again, it’s up to you. 4GB of ram is more than enough to run a FiveM server. But ZAP’s base is good as well.


You don’t need any memory boost for your FiveM gameserver from us - and if, you can upgrade at any time with only some clicks.


@zap-hosting What would you Recommend for running your server through your VPS Service?


definitely no VPS. Our FiveM host systems are optimized for FiveM, they have a high clock rate, high bandwidth and are not virtualized. In addition, we offer an extensive control panel, a ready-made database and many other features that make the administration of your FiveM Server easier.


@zap-hosting if I wanted to transfer my server to a VPS down the road do you guys offer that option either that VPS be with you or someone else?


you can download the serverfiles by FTP and create a database dump with phpmyadmin or navicat, no problem.