Delete this, please and thank you



Delete this, please and thank you.


Stop saying DOJ in your fucking title


Why, it is Department of Justice: “Responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice”.


Yeahhhhh sure… @Photobox_2009 is right, however he could be less rude about it.


yea sorry its just soo anoying


Glad to see you guys using OpenCAD! Have fun!


I know exactly how you feel mate.


Yea it’s just sad but who cares it just makes them look bad and it shows how ORIGINAL they are


Exactly, at least be creative.


What the hell are you guys talking about hahaha :joy:


Pretty obvious, none of these current servers are creative, they have to copy a successful server, take all their ideas, name and style of RP because they want be involved.


We aren’t even copying that guy, lmao. We are a Menu based, NON-Economic server… Department of Justice wasn’t created by the DOJ server. It is a ruling of law. Why do you guys need to come on here and post uninformed nonsense on our group introductory?

Who are you to tell us we are not creative? What is creative about naming a group “Department of Justice”??
Department of Justice is a Government branch in the states, FOR the states to introduce and enforce/dictate law successfully.

Just because YOU think DOJ is “Creative” doesn’t mean we are piggybacking off of their success. You just assume we are the same, because we put DOJ in our name? I’m sorry for offending you.


You should also JOIN a group, before you JUDGE it. You might actually change your uninformed minds.


It’s not that you’re piggybacking their success it’s that DOJRP if you want to create a server be original with the title because you’re going to piss off people who plays on DOJRP and the people who watches them, If you could be original with the title it would be good,I’m not a DOJ Member but using their server name and website name is copying them, Even if the real one is Department of Justice you still need to think of what other people would think, Take the critism you take the responsibility for using “Dojrp” and okay I wont call it promoting but if you think it is I dont care.


Most people use the name of Polecat’s server “Dojrp” for other consoles and some kids who plays Roblox, I dont care if you use the word Doj i dont care but DOJRP, Polecat’s server and the server’s website which is you just dont use the word Dojrp i dont care but you should think of a name that is original even if Dojrp isnt original they were the most know dojrp, I wont criticise you for using the word Dojrp because you really dont deserve it for no reason just you know think of the name.


Once again, Polecat did not “Create” the Department of Justice. He created a Community that is Titled “Department of Justice RP”. He should have Expected people to do the same thing, because it only makes sense.

You don’t see people being aggravated over the amount of Public Safety groups there is???


Do you think that he did not know that it’s going to be used by other groups? it’s fine that you can use the word DOJ combined with another word or name, I’m not trying to hate but you need to understand that using someone’s name or title well he didnt created DOJ it’s been a thing before he was even born but you need to understand the fanbase that you’re going to piss off well not really but some of them will be pissed off what if this happens to you? someone uses your name for a crime? for hating? Polecat dont hate or “copyright” other groups for using the title DOJRP it’s just their fanbase that you’re going to take care of.


Photo box commented on my servers post saying he is the “DoJ Police & stop using DoJ in the title”.