Delete post**



delete this post, be hassled over it to much.


Good to see.




Can you send me the flood lights I am interested in them.


Find them on LCPDFR sir




Well I guess those that released this before just got served :smiley:


All well that’s the world we live in. Glad I can share something to the community :slight_smile:


yeah. You should release more!


I plan on doing so :fire:


That thing is :fire: Thank you for sharing :smiley:


Appreciate it, keep an eye out for another release coming soon! :fire:


I could wonder as well??? Maybe cause someone cough cough released it without permission. But thats a different convo.


I would also love to have that convo, but you blocked me on dc…


We’re not gonna have that convo as it’s in the arms of the law now :joy:


This is a neat truck m8 you did some good work on this cant wait to see all of the fancy cool cars that you are going to release here on the forum


Hopefully more come soon :wink:, maybe some from redneck too.


sadly it doesn’t spawn for me ":frowning: the Truck looks beautiful though!


neato mosquito


Looks good