DELETE ME plz ergently


Lost account info need to re create this post with new account

Scripting custom server from scratch anyone wanna be a part of this project read this ill explain everything

Fixed a spelling issue in your title.


Hello Everyone! In spite of him making posts stating things about me I have am replying to show you who he really is here are pm’s right after he removed me for simply stating a fact that rp is useless on his server when there is no trainer or gamemode like ESX or VRP to use


I dont understand what that proves tho?


nothing just shows what people will be working for as I made a CAD u tryed to remove me from and steal you have also taken the vehicle packs I made


Again… You guys need to TAKE THIS TO PM’s


Hi I am sry but he wont stop pm’ing me is there a way i can block him on here?


Just ‘flag’ the PM if you need to… A moderator will review it.


Ok thanks I will do (20 char limit)