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This does not work on any FiveM server I installed it onto. Can’t spawn cars, spawn vehicle by name does nothing nor does manually selecting a vanilla, non-custom car. No errors in the F8 menu. Nothing in console.

i cannot figgure out how to remove for example super cars from the trainer and make them all admin access only. or to remove the online players tab and make it admin only can someone please help me

We have major lag on zap hosting servers. Is there going to be an update anytime soon? Otherwise I’m going to have to start looking for a new trainer

Would anyone be willing to help me out? I’d like to limit access to nonadmin players to certain sections in the trainer, like move things into the “admin only” section, I tried moving code around, but can’t figure it out.

You’re probably not starting it correctly in your config. it works fine for me

There hasn’t been a single change to the code on Github in over 8 months. I wouldn’t hold my breath on any update in the near future. If you need another server-sided trainer, check out VMenu. It’s being actively developed.

If it wasn’t starting then it would not pop up. smh

Without using IP how can you add non Steam members?

Is it possible to rebind / Remove the bindings for opening the menu (F1) and entering Noclip (F2). My server is currently running vMenu, but using cosmetic and mechanical vehicle damage along with a few other options from Mello Trainer and F2 especially conflicts with vMenu’s Noclip.

Starting at this line in the cl_general.lua is where you can change the keybinds:

Check here for available key numbers:

I’m sure many of you have noticed by now, but for those that haven’t, this is no longer being developed by myself or @TheStonedTurtle. This trainer is outdated and there are far better ones available on the forum, as of right now this trainer is discontinued, if there is anyone that wishes to take the code off of GitHub and create their own version of the trainer, go ahead.

Do you have a recommended trainer?

Would i be able to release a RP version of the trainer?

How or where do you delete the cache?

Give vMenu a shot. We replaced Mello with it a while ago. It’s actively developed and has surpassed Mello in regards to features and without the bugs or laggy menu ui.

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@TheStonedTurtle is there any way to change the key that the menu opens with? A friend checked and couldn’t find anything. I’m going to look too. If there isn’t could you possibly add something for this?

NVM sorry didn’t have time to read earlier comments

If there’s anyone here who is good with mellow trainer and can help me modify it, I’d severely appreciate the help.

How do I fix the issue with not being able to select stuff?

I can help you with that.