Delaware State Roleplay | Delaware Law Enforcement | Hiring for ALL Departments! | Authentic Delaware Police Skins/Cars | Custom CAD/Menu | Discord! | Custom Cars



This is my Official Delaware State Roleplay Community that I just launched today! We are recruiting for all departments, Delaware State Police, New Castle County Police, Fire Department, and even Civilians! Our Area of Play is Route 68 and North! Stop by our discord and server, we welcome everyone to join our new community to help us grow and strive into one of the best! I will post the discord link so that you all will be able to access our community! Again we are a brand new community here on FiveM looking to grow and be a part of this awesome playerbase! See you guys soon!

We are unique because there is no other Delaware Roleplaying Server on FiveM.

We hope our community can grow and we are looking forward to meet you guys and get to know you!

For more information join our Discord! It has everything you need in order to get setup here!

Discord Invite Link

  • Planned/Current Features:
  • Blaine County Roleplaying (Completed)
  • ELS System (Completed)
  • Authentic Delaware Law Enforcement Vehicles (Completed)
  • Statewide Roleplay (Planned Feature)
  • Wilmington Police Department (Planned Feature)
  • Newark Police Department (Planned Feature)
  • Custom CAD/Menu (Completed)
  • Few Custom Cars
  • Awesome Subdivisons (Planned Feature)




I play here and its a really good server the staff and community are very helpful and active! I would recommend this server to everyone :slight_smile: