If this section is not appropriate for this question, please tell the correct section. I’m trying to compile FiveM source code, but I get compile errors. I am using VS2017.

File preparation:

  1. I have cloned the repository “”.
  2. I downloaded Boost 1.63.0 via the link “” and put it in C:\libraries\boost_1_63_0".
  3. I downloaded the “Modified CEF” link “” and put it in “C:\Repo\fivem\vendor\cef”
  4. I downloaded the installer “Python 2.7.16” from the link “” and installed it in “C:\Python27”(in the installer settings, a check mark was selected for the item" compilation into binary code ").
  5. I downloaded “Premake 5.0” from the link “” and put in “C:\Repo\fivem\code\tools\ci”.
  6. I downloaded “MSYS2” under the link “” and installed it in “C:\msys64”

Setting up a project for VS:
Commands entered on the command line:
cd C:\Repo\fivem
set BOOST_ROOT=C:\libraries\boost_1_63_0
set PATH=%path%;C:\tools\python27amd64
cd code
tools\ci\premake5 vs2017 --game=five

Opening a project in VS:
I opened the project file on the path “C:\Repo\fivem\code\build\five\CitizenMP.sln” project in VS. VS announced the need to update the target platform to “10.0.17763”, I agreed. I switched to the “Release” configuration and clicked “build solution”.

I received errors: or
Build log: or
I also attach links to screenshots:

Please note that my VS uses Russian to describe errors! If you need more logs, translations of error descriptions from Russian to English, or more screenshots, let me know!


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It tries to execute a file that doesn’t exist… In this case it is:
And much more that does not exist where the diretory is setted up.
Please correct that, then it might work.

Have a nice day! :mascot: :hamburger:


You probably forgot to install certain VS components such as ATL/MFC.