Default server.cfg groups


I’ve been messing around with the default permissions defined in the server.cfg file.


add_ace group.admin command allow
add_ace system.console command allow
add_ace builtin.everyone command.quit deny

Now I’ve managed to figure out that everyone who joins the server is automatically put into the “builtin.everyone” “permissions group”. However if I want to restrict all basic commands for normal players (non group.admin players) I can’t use the builtin.everyone, because the server console/rcon also uses that group.

Thus adding this to the server.cfg file:

add_ace builtin.everyone command deny

would basically ruin the server because all the default “convars” can’t be “set” by the server anymore.

I’ve been looking for a list of default “permission groups” but I can’t seem to find any other “groups” than the ones listed in the (examples) above. Does anyone know of a default group that is specific to all default players, NOT including the server console?


by default the privilege is unset, which therefore denies it anyhow. if you use RegisterCommand, pass , true as last argument (restricted) to not automatically have the game add an allowed entry.


Alright thanks for the info.


Where can i found some docs about permissions?