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Welcome to DeadState RP, where the only thing standing between you and a gruesome death is wit.

You’re thrust into a state of emergency. The entire world around you collapses as people cling to what little humanity remains. Group together or fly solo, fight the undead with everything you’ve got.

There’s a faction for everyone. Want to be a badass zombie killer? Join the Mercenaries, who use cutting edge weaponry and vehicles to stake their claim in the newly founded apocalypse. Mercs not your style? Join the Lost MC. Their ferocious approach to keeping the undead at bay has been an undoubted success. Feel like taking heads for yourself? Fly solo as a Survivor. What could possibly go wrong? Wanna bend the rules? Players have the option of creating their own custom squad, if they so wish. Anyone can join!

Features include a server-sided trainer menu, realistic vehicle failure, out-of-character chat, custom YMAPs, with more features on the way!

About Us
DeadState RP was founded and designed for those who are bored of the same old routine of Police Roleplay. While that can be fun, it’s better to blow off steam by teaming up and slaying zombies! We are very community focused, where we value feedback and satisfaction. Our staff members have experience in server management and development. Our goal is to break the mold by taking role playing in a new direction!

Server Information:
Port: 30120

We ask that all prospective players have a working microphone for proper communication. Maturity is key in maintaining the flow of our player environment.

Join today, and start slaying the undead!


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