DDoS or Discord's new update?


Many servers feel lags and very high ping and flood “hitch warning: blah blah blah” in server console.
At FiveM’s launcher home page written about attaks, but is it so? “attaks” started a one day before new discord update - monitoring the server on which user playing.

May be lags cause this update? Discord always connecting to FiveM stats or what is it and make lags like DDoS?

Will be nice if any one tell me mor about this or say that I’m wrong


The attacks on FiveM have nothing todo with the hitch warnings in your console. Hitch warning are about your sever taking too long for one 1 tick, usually caused by the resources you are running.

It’s also very unlikely that the discord rich presence causes lag.


This problem not only in my server. It has a few of servers i know


Same thing applies to those server too. Very unlikely that an update what FiveM did would cause this issue.


All this servers have a broken scripts, yes? Dont tell me this shit.
I make this screen after all players kicked from server in one time. My friends see that ping list too


You’re right, not ALL servers have shit scripts, only yours and the other million rp sercers, deal with it.


yes is is that whas becuase the Ddos


Great attitude you have. If it was the discord rich presence surely the developers would have seen the increased traffic.


lol and btw rich presence is local, it doesnt take any bandwith.


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