|| Cycle || Hiring Police || Trainers || 50+ Custom Vehicles || EUP Server Side ||


  • I am not gonna start this description like everyone else! Action, kaboom, bam & bam is what is happening at Cycle, we offer great roleplay quality and a lot of vehicles that don’t exist in normal GTA V. Our roleplay quality is set to high and we hope to maintain this status, we are based in Los Santos and the state of LS is currently looking for law enforcement! Our server is mostly custom made scripts, with some few public scripts. So here we guarantee great to roleplay with a great view and with over 700+ members.

What are we on the lookout for?

  • State Police
  • Sheriff
  • Staff
  • EMS / Firefighters

Currently we have one server with trainers, we are working on a ESX one soon open in close future!

Official Links
Official Discord

Pictures from in-game

  • Thank you!

I believe we spoke before, but never received an application.

I’m looking to be an admin I’m active everyday and I would love to be an admin and keep the server good

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  • New vehicles & scripts

We are on the look for LEO’s!

Staff is open! EMS / Fire and Law Enforcement needs people!

Discord updated! + Server bugs fixed

  • 15 + New Civillian Cars
  • New scripts

More strict rp!

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We are on the look for a developer that makes scripts and can transform car ADDONS into resources.

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We are looking for a dev to transform addons to resources

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