Custom wheel pack (add-on)


I recently spent some time making wheels work as add-on’s
So I’ve got quite a bit of wheels working with FiveM as add-on’s if people want more then just this, let me know.

This is the normal mod.

Download 1.0

Edit: Forgot to mention that i’ve so far only gotten the wheels working under Simple Trainer V, I haven’t tested any “LS Customs” scripts though.

I'm not providing support for this, it's outdated compared to the releases on

[HELP] Anyone know how to install Custom Wheel Packs?

Nice share, I was actually looking for something like that so I might aswell use it for my server.



Good job! I might be interested in your script too.


Ok I have the Simple Trainer where do i find them in the trainer? Thanks For Your Help.


they should be just under sport/high end/muscle


Ok I will take a look Thanks!


I looked for them in the simple trainer and they were no where to be found any idea as to why?


Make sure to have cleared cache sometimes they’re picky.


Moved to releases


They show up in my Los Santos customs but they are all named null. Making it a little difficult to remove the rims I don’t want. I really don’t wanna stream over 300mb just for rims. Nice job though.


what LSC script do you use? I can try to see if it’s something I can fix.


Currently using esx and the lscustom script for esx. I added the bennys rims and they show by name. But thats probably because i followed the esx format calling them by id, and the bennys rims aren’t addons either.


Could you please provide me an example of how to name those rims? I just can’t figure it out… -.-


bruh i downloaded and moved it to my server its not working can u help me pls?


Hey do you have a __resource.lua I needed?


yes let me take a picture of it bro.