Custom Vehicles do NOT work



So ive had a problem ever since I had to switch to the FX server. My Addon cars work and only some of the scripts I have in. NONE of my custom vehicles work as they did before and I tried deleting the entire server and starting from scratch but it still loads my old resources even though I didn’t put any in yet. I’m co confused…


A few things to note that might be causing the issue. First, make sure you have a blank __resource.lua file (unless meta files have been specified) and that you also have a stream folder in the directory next to the __resource.lua file. Make sure each dictionary/mapping files for your vehicles don’t exceed 16 Mb in size, as they are known to cause issue.

Make sure you are starting the resource properly via the correct prefix (which is start resourcename).

If these don’t work, please post a screenshot of your stream folder.


okay the __resource.lua is blank. When I launch the server, it loads all the resources from my old server (I deleted it and started from scratch) but its still loading them from somewhere and I cant figure out where its running them from. I didn’t have an issue until I changed to a FX server when the depreciated the old servers.


okay so I had to manually start the resource in the command window. but I’m not sure where the rest of the scripts are loading from cause I started my FX server from scratch.


If your talking about add on’s… “custom” your words. The resource cannot be blank, you need the correct files for the cars. especially the vehicles.meta. Here is just an example of what the resource should look like.

And these folders here should be in a data folder ie.

Car files in a stream folder and set up like this ie.