Custom PEDS




I was wondering if someone could help me get some Custom PEDs to work and teach me what it is I possibly have done wrong?

I was able to get some to stream but not others.

It could potentially be a stream cap as it acts like it wants to produce them but doesn’t.

When I do a replace, the model will show but with odd textures (Typically a geographical snapshot of the surrounding area. Quite amusing when you’re in water.)


Pretty sure that occurs if the file size you are attempting to stream is over 16mb


How come I can stream vehicles over 16mb?


I also was unable to find resizing on Google - it simply came up with a texture replacement which I already know how to do.

Do I delete some extras (Like outfit variables) within it?

I’d love to get some of these working.


Did you ever get this working? Im having the same issue with not being able to find a tutorial to reduce the file size



Feel free to contact me on DM and I’ll give you my Discord.