Custom Car Help


I’m retextureing some cars for my server and I’m trying to change the plates in game. I tried using the original plate on the texture, I tried my own plate and I tried using no plate, didn’t change in game when I tried with my trainer.
Please help.


Are you trying to re-texture the plate? You can’t do that. In GTA you have a choice of 6 plates, without editing the vehicle and removing the plate there, use SetVehicleNumberPlateTextIndex(vehicle, plateindex)

	Blue_on_White_1 = 3,
	Blue_on_White_2 = 0,
	Blue_on_White_3 = 4,
	Yellow_on_Blue = 2,
	Yellow_on_Black = 1,
	North_Yankton = 5,


No I’m not trying to really retexture the plate just want it to have a plate that I can change the plate number in game, and okay how would I find that, is it in my Vehicles.meta file? These are Cars I’m making Textures for by the way not the Stock GTA cars


Some modelers do not put GTA5 plates on there cars - they just have it UV-Mapped so you can texture it yourself


Is their anyway to make it into having the GTA 5 plates?