Crimson British Police Roleplay - NEW



The server is not quite finished but we have decided to open it as an Alpha as the server is currently playable and we are hoping to get a good player base.

Please come chat on our Discord -

Currently in the server

  • British Emergency Vehicles (Police, Paramedic & Fire Fighters)

  • British Emergency Skins (Police, Paramedic & Fire Fighters)

  • British Shops (Londis instead of 24/7)

  • British Items in Shops (Coca Cola, Magazines, Cigarettes etc)

  • Police Commands & Civilian Commands

  • Fuel System

  • Vehicle Damage System

  • Some Custom Weapons

The server IP is -
Our Discord is -
Our Forums -

Our Website - (Being Finished)

More items are being added daily, our next project is adding a British Police Station within Sandy Shores


Nice! I’ll make sure I’ll log in, the British skins are exactly what I’ve been looking for.


They aren’t all there yet, but hopefully soon we will have some more skins (Going to upload some more screenshots now!)


uses a Stolen from google photo from GTA IV
doesnt know what a screenshot tool is
doesnt credit source on the first picture

seems like a well built community


As I’ve pointed out was just editing them, threw it together about 5 minutes before work. All sorted now :slight_smile:


All in due time! I’ll have a look. Are you short on any emergency slots, EMS, Police etc?


We indeed are, as we are a new community :slight_smile:


Seems like streaming the custom shops would be a waste of downloaded resources, let’s be real, who really pays attention to the stores.


I do see what you mean but the people who have joined love the fact we’ve even gone and done little things like the shops, had some really good feedback from it


Really? It’s all about realism and immersion so doing the shops just holds that down a lot more. I think they’ve done an amazing job and can’t wait till get on when I off from work!


Never said they haven’t, I just think that having things stream that won’t be used a lot is unnecessary


My only issue :confused:


That was my bad! Was just adding Street labels but put the wrong document in! All sorted now :slight_smile:


Adding Royal Mail skins as we speak, will then be adding Police, EMS & AA skins!


I do all the time, your opinion is not the same as others :slight_smile:


Never said it were, I just think personally as streaming is a known fact to cause more crashes the benefits compared to downside isn’t enough


Get this every 5 minutes


As soon as I’m home I’ll take a look, others aren’t having issues it seems though, I’ll be back in an hour


It’s calming down now not so often, I just got one again now Though :confused:


just letting you know of the errors losing around buddy