Welcome to CRGaming
_We are a FiveM server looking to bring people together that in enjoy roleplaying as well as playing other games _

About who we are
We are a FiveM server that has been around for a while, but starting to get back into the FiveM Community. We originally started with FiveM back in late 2018 stepped away from it and now getting back.

What we offer
We offer a FiveM hangout group as well as FiveM Support in our server.


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ILLEORP-Illinois Leorp is hiring all departments!


We are still looking for members who wanna join our community. We have community officer spots open along with sheriff and illlinois state police. Fire/EMS is also oepn!


Friendly community.


Looking for members , police , Fire & ems


If your not interested in applying you can always be a public aux


Such a friendly community
Very Professional
nice edited map
people are nice
if rules are broken they are handled appropiatly
this server is a huge Recomendation



Thank you for showing your support towards the server.


Staff members wanted along with leo, fire and civ. Possible high ranks inquire with in the discord thank.


Hiring all departments + staff


We are now offering a new custom lspdfr script into the server!


Discord count is growing everyday. Check us out !


Hello i come from the club LISA and was wondering if there is an age limit. the server seems nice but i would like to know.

also if i am able to join i would like to become a full time officer and get in the Illinois state police.


We normally take ages 15 + how old are you exactly? Thank you for responding to our add! For everyone else for further information we are looking for the following.

Staff members (Open)
Administration members (Open)
Moderators (Open)
Head admin (Open)
Head moderator (Open)
Discord manager (Open)
Server director (Pending)
Leo supervisors (Open)
High ranks (Open)


We are still hiring for the following please see above comment.


Hello I am currently 14 and you may not be able to make an acceptation but i do live in Illinois and am currently doing an internship at my local police department. so i do understand some of the Illinois codes and if you need hr’s for the state police i am interested

also currently i am a officer first class in SANRP

Thanks, Pat


@Patrick-Owens feel free to join


We have new changes to come within the server. Accepting all new members! hiring all departments and staff. 15 years old to join