Creating RP Server Looking For Staff


I am wanting to create a successful roleplay server for the community to enjoy but at the moment i don’t have much development skills so i am looking for people to help and teach me on all this to make a all round great roleplay service for everyone if you want to help or want to give some options on what you would like on the server i will be sure to try and add it. i am hoping to be done with everything by the end of the month and get it released to everyone so please lookout for it

thanks IGotVoice!


I will help out i am very good at adding stuff to servers and very good at being a staff


and do u need a discord because if u do i will make one for u


I will help make a server. i make car skins and am a very good staff member. i will make a TS3 and more!

#5 join that


I suggest adding a permanent Discord link to your initial post.


join the discord link in the description of you want to help im just not as experienced as a lot of people but still wanting to create a great rp server for people to enjoy and take in the ideas of others and implement them into the game