Creating a serversided menu


So, I’m wondering if there are any mod menu bases that are already made for serverside. I’m working on creating an RP server and don’t want users to use their own menus and abuse. I want them to use what the server provides only. I have a whitelist system setup I just wanna be able to create a mod menu that is serverside.


The officially supported Lambda Menu would be the best to add!


Thank you for the help. I didn’t really expect a response that’d help! Usually, forums like these have toxic users. This community is too bad after all! Thank you for the help!


use mellotrainer and edit it, its the best thing we found, using dunko’s vrp heavily edited, there is no scripthook on our server because it ticked me off with hackers


Oh, okay! I was going to start fresh with WarMenu Lua GUI Framework. But if there is a menu premade I’ll edit it the way our staff and players would like.


I have installed the mellotrainer and it says it is updated but the menu will not open??


its f1 like normal, id disable scripthook if you are gonna use it

did you add

start mellotrainer to your resources

also you may have to restart the server because it creates files at the beginning



its gotta make files, id restart the server or something, i never had an issue