Create our own interiors


Hi guys.

I got an idea and I want to know if it’s possiblle.
A lot of us would like to make a system with personnal house for player, but we don’t know how to instantiate interiors.

Do you think we can modeling our own interior and add it into our server? For exemple, create a hostel corridor and create x bedrooms. Make TP in front of doors and give acces to player who rented the room ?
Copy and past bedrooms is easy, no need to create different.

If we put all interiors below the map, is it possible?
It’s just an idea


FiveM has an object limit. is hard to create a good interior if we are limited.


Lol there is too much limit with FiveM srsly…
What’s the limit?


I’ve tried a lot to try to get around.
I noticed that FiveM does not load all GTA V objects.
This is all objects:

And the object limit It seems to be on FiveM Client Side.

I loaded this on my server:

And this is the original house:

Maybe the developers know the answer.
@neon , @iodine , @osmium


Yes, but look at this mod:

There is a FiveM server with this map, loading without problem


If you download that map check .xml and .json and you will see there are not many objects in.
That map has big objects.

In that map the objects are large. And there are not many.
Are you going to put large objects in an interior? I think not.

A good interior our house can have 30K, 40K objects.

I’ve done a lot of maps downloads in GTA 5 Mods
And it works on the server but only half. Sometimes I see houses broken in half.


it doesn’t have object limits, you can load multiple maps without problem


Yeah, i tried that.

If you say it doesn’t have object limit I want to see this map working at 100 %


answer is simple my friend, you need objects that are in GTA 5 only.


omg. really is that your answer?

You’re saying that 90% of the maps on is not from GTA V? uau…

I tested this map on GTA V (single player) and it works.
But in FiveM does not work.

Do you want to explain?


This topic is not a tutorial.


This is why it is in “discution”" and not “tutorial”. Isn’t diffucult to make the difference.
And I don’t need HELP balise when I’m asking if an idea is workable, I’m not asking for help.

Did you read the topic?



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