Create a custom IP for Server


Hey i was wondering how i would have a custom ip like DOJRP:, how would i make it to something like that.


What domain provider do you use?


Probably an A record to your server ip, and if you have another port that isn’t 30120 you could use SRV


Just use your Domain and add A Name I believe it would be.


its home hosted if thats what ur after


Well you need to purchase a domain, you cant just link a random domain. So for example buy “” then add a A record ‘server1’ to your server ip


Ok, thats confusing af


if you want a free domain and easy enough to use, take a look at its what i use.


if that for a website or for a server?


does not matter, the domain will mask the ip you dont have to have a website just add your ip and you can then use the domain.


Make an A record for your domain pointing to the server IP and it should be fine.

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